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Shakespeare AS-2 Automatic Coaxial Switch

MFG No: AS-2
UPC: 719441150952
MFG. Name: Shakespeare
Available: 4


Automatic Coaxial Switch
Part #: AS-2

This innovative switch toggles two radios to one antenna. It mounts out of the way, because you dont have to get at it to use it. When you key the microphone on one of the radios, it switches the antenna to it. Automatically. The radio stays locked onto the antenna until the automatic switch detects a transmit signal from the other radio. Easy!


Frequency:Up to 600 MHz
VSWRBelow 1.2:1
Power Rating30W
Impedance:50 ohms
Insertion Loss:Less than 1.2dB
Isolation:Better than 150dB
Connections:SO-239 type
Power Supply:12 vDC@200 ma
Sensing/Switching Time:Less than 100 ms (TBD)
Construction:Cast aluminum case

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Shakespeare AS-2 Automatic Coaxial Switch

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