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All in One Combo Computer and 1080P HD PTZ Camera

MFG. Name: BZB Gear
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What a great idea, how did you come up with it? This is the most common question we receive after someone sees the BG-NUCLEUS-10X for the first time. Some say it’s the result of a love affair between a camera and its PC, while others have suggested Divine Intervention. We say it was a stroke of genius by the BZB engineering team! Regardless of its true origin, the product of this union is truly one of a kind – a complete presentation solution with an integrated fully featured PTZ camera. We started with a powerful Intel NUC computer, then we grafted our best-selling VPTZ camera to the top. The result is the perfect classroom and conference space solution. The fully functional PC runs Windows 10 and easily integrates to all major cloud platforms. The all-in-one form factor makes setup a breeze – simply connect power, a keyboard/mouse combo, a video display and youre ready to present! Its compact form factor fits easily in any application, and it’s as simple to use as the camera on a laptop. A perfect blend of form and function, brought to you by the team at BZBGEAR!

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All in One Combo Computer and 1080P HD PTZ Camera

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