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Mepps Trout Pocket Pac - #1 Black Fury Dressed

UPC: 022141991917
MFG. Name: Mepps
Available: 202


The dressed Mepps Black Fury Trout Pocket Pac features 3 hand-tied #1 (1/8 oz.) natural squirrel tail dressed Black Fury spinners. Dressed spinners provide a larger profile to attract larger fish. The dots on the blades of the Black Fury provide contrast under a wide variety of fishing conditions. The bright lathe-turned bead adds to this contrast making the Black Fury extremely effective under almost all water and weather conditions. Black Furies can be fished just as effectively day or night. A slightly elongated blade means the Black Fury runs just a little deeper than the classic Mepps Aglia. Like the Aglia, you can control the depth during the retrieve simple by raising or lowering your rod-tip. Great for stream or lake.

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Mepps Trout Pocket Pac - #1 Black Fury Dressed

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